Watchdog/Protection Training

The Experience and the Know How!

Hector Hernandez will train your dog, he will not supervise or allow anyone else to work your dog.

Hector L. Hernandez is an author, speaker, police K-9 instructor and professional dog trainer. His training methods were developed by him using dog and human body language. With over 20 years directly working with Police K9s Hector Hernandez knows what it takes to train a dog to be reliable when the need arises. He does not play tug of war with a sleeve with your dog and say it’s protection trained. His book titled “a Dog’s Bark” goes over it in detail, including how to handle, own and train a watchdog. His skill and forensic mind while training will make it look easy.

Training is tailored to each dog. NO group classes. Depending on your expectations, Hector Hernandez’s experience will determine if sessions are done at your home or at a neutral location. Each Session can last up to one hour with breaks in between.

Hector Hernandez assumes the risk and his experience minimizes any injury to himself. He is fully insured.

(ask about available discounts)

Testing Dog and Evaluating Owner:Previously trained or untrained dog $300

Scenario / Problem Solving: $250

Watchdog Training: $1000

Protection Training: $1900

Advance Protection: $2500

Maintenance Re-Training: $50.00

Mileage: Thirty (30) mile radius. Over 30 miles, standard fees apply.

Testing: Includes Mr. Hernandez challenging the dog to assess the dog’s aggression temperament. If more training is chosen it will be included in total cost. One time test.

Control Scenario or Problem Solving: Dog may have prior training or not. Simulated break-in or attack to test and evaluate your dog and the owner. One (1) session.

Watchdog Training: Includes training the dog to handle a direct threat while still holding its confidence. Included one control scenario house call. (NO BITE). Four (4) session class. Sessions are done at different times and days.

Protection Training: Includes on lead protection with a defense bite and one control scenario house call. Six (6) session class. Sessions are done at different times and days. Off leash training is included.

Advance Protection: Includes having the dog bite and return back to the handler off lead. Also includes Recall – calling the dog back before getting a bite. Both of these exercises require you to have complete control on and off lead. Including three or more control scenarios. Twelve (12) session class. Sessions are done at different times and days.

Maintenance Re-Training: Is the repeat of the level of training you did. Hector Hernandez’s discretion as to location. This will keep your dog and you in tune. One (1) time refresher session per month unless problem solving is needed.

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