I am president of the Mid State Veterinary Medical Association. Our group had Mr. Hernandez out to speak to us about dog handling.   He gave us very good information on how to interpret and deal with different dog interactions. This was most helpful with handling dogs that are aggressive for various reasons.  Many  members of our group refer to Mr. Hernandez on a regular basis to help their patients have happier life experience.  We would recommend him to speak to a group or help a personal pet about techniques to make their interactions better.   Dr. Karen E. Hinkle MSVMA president

Thanks to you, Hector, I am now enjoying regular relaxing walks at the park with my dogs.  I used to avoid the park to avoid dealing with my boy barking and lunging at other dogs.  Now, instead of feeling stressed, embarrassed and frustrated, I am proud and even receive compliments about how well behaved my dogs are.  When I tell my boy to “D-O-W-N”, he goes down immediately and turns his head away from the other dog, giving a calming signal to them instead.  He also barks less at visitors coming to my home. I tell him to “D-O-W-N” when someone arrives and that’s the end of his barking for the remainder of the visit.  Both of my dogs are less stressed and playing more around the house.  Thank you again for helping me figure out the reasons behind his behavior and most of all how to correct it and help him be less stressed around other dogs.  I highly recommend you and give your name out to anyone I meet who has a troubled dog.  Do you have some business cards I can pass out for you?  Elizabeth

Meet Jingles! At the time we contacted Hector,  Jingles was 10 months old and had already been through 2 trainers. She was jumping all over us and the furniture, barking all the time, running all over the house and chewing everything.   I couldn’t take her for a walk, she would take me for a walk.  If she had something in her mouth and we tried to get it from her she would growl at us.  She was very strong willed and it was her way or no way.   It was safe to say she had 3 paws out the door!!
Hector first text to me after taking her was “WOW! I know what you have been dealing with”. Finally,  someone who could help us! He kept me up to speed on how she was doing and sent us videos as well.  After 4 days with Hector she came home a new dog and finally a member of our family.  I am able to take her for a walk as is our kids. They are 11, 8 and 5 and Jingles is 85 pounds!   She sits and comes when I tell her, she no longer jumps on our guests!  Hector, I can not thank you enough for saving our dog and our sanity!!


jingles testominal

I highly recommend Hector Hernandez to anyone with canine behavior issues and/or anyone who wants a well trained dog who respects his owner.  Hector is extremely knowledgeable about dog breeds and dog behavior.  He adapts training methods to each dog and truly listens to owners about issues that are occurring with their dog.  I was referred to Hector because my dog, Zoey, would not respond consistently to commands, despite three classes at another dog training facility.  She was also becoming very aggressive with my cats.   After working with Hector, Zoey went from a dog who would not obey, to a dog who listens, follows commands, and respects me.  Zoey and I are a team now.  Hector trained me so I could have the same successful results he did, while answering all my questions.  Hector is patient, kind and has a great sense of humor.  He strongly connects with humans and dogs and understands them.  Without a doubt I will seek out Hector in the future with my dog and puppy training needs. Thank you so much for all your invaluable help, Hector!

Sarah Furney

Ortonville, Michigan

All three of our children are trained in basic obedience now. If you ever wright another book you should title it “The Power of Down” Soon we will be in touch for more advanced training. Our web-master and friend will be linking to your web page on our “Tips” page of our website this week. Thank-you and see you soon. Bob and Diane

You are so fantastic and I will recommend you to any and everyone I know. Having a good day with Duke and all is well so far, I can’t thank you enough for your time that you spent with him and what you have done for us.

Thanks again, Missy


Hello Hector,

I wanted to thank you so much for the book you sent me! I agree with everything you wrote there and you are right in so many points of view. I really like the fact that your book comes with plenty of examples and you are also writing things that happened to you while training. I like that you take the training sessions step by step and explain everything properly for everyone to understand. The book is very useful for me now and I have to read it all. I am going to get a Caucasian Shepherd and I want to be prepared for everything as I have a 14 years old male dog that’s very aggressive and I must admit that I lost control on him ever since he was little because he was here at the house before we moved in and didn’t give him the attention he deserved and I didn’t even had a strong relationship with him. We decided to keep the dog even if he was like that and we also took another dog in the family after 4 years. We had to divide the yard in two to keep the dogs separated as the other dog couldn’t stand to see that we adopted a new puppy. The new dog was awesome and we had the perfect dog for 8 years until she was poisoned. Now we have our whole yard and a part of street under security cameras. I never thought we could suffer so much after that dog and now that we have the cameras up we are ready to get a new dog to have someone to share our life with. It’s amazing what a dog can offer!

Thank you so much once again for the book and I will keep an eye on your new videos on youtube! Thank you for everything!

Ciao Adela Greetings from Romania 🙂

Last night was the best nights rest in a long time. To be honest, it was almost as hard to sleep because the whimpering had been so normal.
Thank you SO much for helping Archie with his bullying. After you left, we said to each other how much of a difference it has already made after only a few hours. We are so incredibly blessed to have Archie in our lives, and you assisting us will only ensure that we will be able to keep him for years to come. It was amazing to see his transformation right before our eyes, and that was something previous trainers were not able to assist with. Being able to sit and go down are one thing, but being obedient is a completely different thing. It was obvious that this was something someone of your experience needed to help with. Vince Baker
We are so thrilled that you came and helped us understand Koolu better. It feels so good knowing what to look for now and better ways to train her so we can all be relaxed and happy when doing things. We both learned so much and are looking forward to our new routine, it started today when my Aunt came by for dinner with her dog, Koolu yawned twice, licked twice then turned away and went to sleep. Not totally relaxed and we didn’t get them close to eachother, but it was progress since we now know what we are looking for and how to react. We will be around training Koolu soon. Thank you again for your expert advise we’re so glad we found you, your quick response and willingness to help us on such short notice is very appreciated. New year, new dog training, new Koolu = priceless.
Hope you and your family have a very Blessed and Happy 2013,
Amber and Jeremiah Stefanski

Hector – I wanted to send this email to thank you for your training session with me and Caedon.  The difference in his behavior is so amazing!  After you left Sunday evening, Cade was able to stay in the down command for 30 minutes in another room while I talked on the phone – and this is something he was never able to do before.  His behavior with Mollie has changed also – he is not herding her like he used to which is great for her.
Last night, I trained him both inside and outside on our walk.  While I had to do a few corrections, I am still so pleased with how Cade responds to me now.  In fact, I watched your Facebook video of our session and when the doorbell rang on the video, Cade starting barking.  I immediately leashed him and walked him to the door, gave the down command and he laid there (with a few ‘woofs’).  He looks to me now to see if he is allowed to do something, which is great!
I wish I had known about you months ago – it would have saved both me and Caedon a huge amount of stress.  Thanks again, and if I need addition help or if Cade needs a tuneup, I will be contacting you again!


Hector Lino Hernandez Is amazing!!! I worked with him about 7 or 8 years ago when my Rufus boy (BIG rottie) was just a pup. I also purchased some of Hectors books at that time which I very recently let a friend of mine borrow. Hector I’m sure you don’t remember me as it’s been many years? However, I will never forget you and how much you helped me and my baby boy Rufus. You came to my home and in a very short period of time you taught me and my baby so much!! I can honestly say that I don’t  recommend people unless they have proven themselves to me, and Hector, you did exactly that!! I have refered many people to you!! Please keep up the good work!!  Tammy R. Plocharczyk

My Story About Sparty

Before we purchased our dog Sparty, we were the proud owners of a 2 year old Saint Bernard named Cookie.  We loved Cookie very much but it was becoming apparent that she was too big for our home and our neighborhood so we decided to find her a home with more land and freedom.  After Cookie was gone we soon realized how much we missed having a dog in our lives and we began looking at smaller breeds. I happened to stop in to a pet store and saw the sweetest most precious puppy

imaginable.  I am not an impulsive person by any means but I called my husband and told him we HAD to have this dog.  He said, “oh kay, if you REALLY want him, go ahead and buy him.”  I hadn’t done any research on this unusual breed called an Ori Pei, which is a cross between a Pug and a Shar Pei, which was not the smartest thing I have ever done. Initially Sparty was very sweet and calm, but he was also sick from an illness he contracted at the pet store so that would explain his easy disposition.  After a round of antibiotics, his true personality began to emerge.  Immediately Sparty showed himself to be extremely aggressive and very hyper.  He would consistently bite, and bite very, very hard.  It was difficult for our children to play with him. He acted terrible if company came over i.e. jumping and chewing on people.  No amount of discipline seemed to work.  The older he got, the worse the behavior became.  He is so strong, even though he isn’t very big. (30 lbs.)  It was nearly impossible to walk him due to his tugging and pulling.  He would not listen to anyone in our family even though it was apparent he understood and was very intelligent.  I was beginning to second guess my decision to buy him and really didn’t want to have to get rid of another dog.  I knew I needed to get him training, but with his extreme behavior I wanted to make sure it worked. I didn’t think simple obedience classes would be enough.

I had heard of Hector Hernandez from others who had had success and decided to give him call.  He came to my home that very night.  Within just a few minutes Hector had Sparty listening to him.  He spent time teaching me the proper way to walk him and showed me what to do when the pulling began. Immediately Hector showed me how to correct Sparty.  Hector taught me how to handle him when company came over and taught me how to gain Sparty’s respect.  He taught me methods to use with Sparty on a leash and explained why using a leash in the house was important.  I couldn’t believe how much better Sparty was after just one visit.  I thought if he could do so much in one hour, imagine what he could do in several days!

I asked that Hector take Sparty for a long week-end because I really wanted to make sure he was learning and wanted his behavior to change.  Hector agreed that Sparty was very challenging and genuinely wanted to make him a better dog.  He really seemed to care, which was so important to me.  Hector kept Sparty longer than we agreed because he wanted to be sure he was doing all of things I wanted from him.  When Hector brought him back home, he spent time working with me and our children in the backyard.  Sparty was trained to be off the leash.  He came when Hector called.  He would sit, stay, come, and heel without any problems.  I couldn’t believe the changes in Sparty after such a short time.

I continued to practice everything that Hector taught us. Sparty was still difficult from time to time.  I called Hector often for questions and concerns I had.  He was always willing to take my calls and without hesitation had solutions to my questions or issues with Sparty.  Hector said Sparty had ALL Shar Pei traits.  He is stubborn and highly intelligent which often can give owners the most trouble if an owner is not equipped to handle the behavior.  Hector followed up with more training sessions whenever I needed or requested them.

Sparty is now ten months old and all I can say is WOW!!!!  What a changed dog he is.  He is so enjoyable to be around.  My kids love him and I’m not worried when their friends come over.  Sparty plays so nicely with them and doesn’t bite or play aggressively.  In fact, Sparty is very loving and affectionate.  I just took him to my dad’s house for a week-end.  The last time Sparty was there he had to stay in his crate and I was pulled all over the yard when trying to take him outside.  This visit, things were totally different.  Sparty played in the yard without a leash.  Without exception, he came each and every time I called him without any hesitation.  I was so proud I wanted to cry.  Sparty is now a very happy and well adjusted dog.

Hector Hernandez is the most knowledgeable dog trainer I have ever come in contact with.  I don’t know where Sparty would be right now without his help.  His professionalism, humor, compassion, and charisma made this entire experience so worthwhile and most of all really really fun!  I truly believe Hector is a dog whisperer.  Not only that, he is great with people too!

Kollette Bordeaux

Just a quick note to say thanks! Dezi has been so great since our last session. Just a joy to have around. Tell your sweet little girl she did an excellent job. Thanks again you’re a miracle worker.
The O’Leary family

Youtube Comment:

Damn mate you are good, I like the way you are correcting the owner and not the dog I’m not an expert but the problem is the owner and the dog is just reacting to the owners insecurities. Through out the whole video the owner appears weak and the dog knows it.

Hector I just want to share with you how happy and amazed my family is with the changes in the boys.  The eye contact with Zeus is beautiful, and seeing his body relax and not be so on guard or trying to bully his way for attention makes me smile.  Titan has made his own wonderful changes also. I see less stress in him already, he is relaxing and looks actually peaceful.  I know I’m not telling you anything that you didn’t expect they would do.  But for us, it’s a beautiful thing. There has been no barking at every little sound.  They heard something last night while we sat on the back deck, all it took was one “come” and Zeus was actually the first to turn and then Titan.  Both returned to the deck with me and layed down. Before speaking with you, I felt like I was forever saying, no, come, enough etc etc.  Especially with Zeus, trying to get his attention.  Titan was always up, down, running to the door, running to the gate. I realize we have a ways to go, but thank you again for teaching us all how to not be stressed all the time about thier possible/current behavior.

Youtube comment: I thumbed you up/liked your video in the hope more people get to see it, you’re the expert and everything you say rings true to my own experiences in real life thats why I hold your views in high regard, good work and the best of luck I see many many owners that need your knowledge and expertise it would make taking my own dog for a walk or to the vet so much better.

Thanks for doing what you do Sincerely Vince.

Tina Bishop-Fedewa

“AWESOME session today hector!!! you are truly amazing and definantly lansings “dog whisperer!!” i cant believe the difference in Paisley!!! its amazing how changing just a few commands around made a huge difference. we cant thank you enough for your help….i thought you were crazy when you said it would ONLY take an hour!!!! ill be will telling EVERYONE about you!!!”

” Let me start by saying I never thought my dog could be trained off leash. She is a smart dog but she loved to run when she got out whether it was to see another dog or just to be “free”. The last time she did that I thought   for sure I was going to watch her get hit by a car since she was heading straight for a busy road. By the grace of God she made it across the street and eventually came back to me. I knew I had to do something.  I called Hector and he recommended his off the leash class. So I signed up and took the September class. I was amazed by how fast she learned and that she was actually listening to me when I wasn’t holding the leash.  I’m still working with her with the tools Hector taught me. I feel a lot more confident in getting her to come back to me if she decides to run again. Thanks Hector for the great training!!!!”

 Karen / September 2011 Off-Leash Graduate”

“Please let me know if you offer any off leash training in a couple of months. Need time to train her with the leash first. I will definitely spread the word about you! I am still in awe at how easy it was for you to break Maxie’s bad habits. Please add me to your marketing list.  Thank you for your work with Max! She will be a better girl and happier!  Mickie”

“Hey Hector!
We just wanted to update you on our puppy since the last time you were here.  So here goes, oh my goodness what a difference in her, she is completely a different dog.  I don’t know if she just thinks that if she acts up you’re going to come around the corner (LOL) or what but she has been so good, she doesn’t jump she doesn’t chew on the kids, it’s like she is a new dog!!! I swear you are a miracle worker!!! a true dog whisper.  When people come over she comes and greets them but she either sits or lies down which is awesome.  My kids can actually run around and play and she doesn’t chase them.  Our daughter can finally get off the top of the couch; she actually hugs and kisses the puppy now which i thought she would never do!! I’ll tell you what it has been a load lifted off my shoulders now that she minds so well, i don’t know what I would have done without your help!!  i appreciate all the time and dedication you put into making sure our pets are the best they can be.”

” Thank you so much

We just wanted to say how much we appreciated you coming to our house. Our puppy is completely different now i have had to correct her a few times but she seems to understand that she cant bite the kids, my son has not been nocked down since and he and the girls can run around again!!! no more climbing up my leg LOL. the crate training is going awesome and i feed in her in her pen and she likes to be in there now. anyway just wanted to thank you a bunch for the work you do, it’s AMAZING!!!! We look forward to the obedience class when she turns 4 months. thanks again”  Jenny

“My name is Jody, we have spoke a few times over the phone from Burcham Hills. I first want to thank you very much for working with our community to make it possible for older adults to move in with their pet companion. Without your support, this would not be possible. We are very thankful for the relationship we have with you. Thanks Hector!

On a personal note, thank you for the information that you have on your website. We (my husband & I) have been using some of your techniques on both of our large dogs. I can’t believe I called myself a pet owner before learning all that! Thanks!”

Jody Bond http://www.burchamhills.com/

Sting and his Ball
The story of Sue Boston and Sting

“About a year ago, a dog trainer was selling his two year old Dutch Shepherd. Sting was wonderfully trained in obedience, but shy and afraid of almost everything; fireworks, loud noises, and the trained helper in a bite suit. He certainly lacked the confidence of a trained protection dog.

Sting’s usual posture was to walk with his tail between his legs and his ears down. I was told that he didn’t play with other dogs.  I was also told that Sting didn’t “bite” well on the handler’s sleeve, so seemed unsuitable for police dog training. Well, to me, this was great – I didn’t want a dog that would bite, just a trained dog that would look ferocious. I also heard that Sting didn’t particularly like children and would be a “one-man” dog.

I brought Sting home. He remained well trained, coming to me off-leash immediately. He loves the grandchildren and he loves his “sister” dog, a Labradoodle, named Bindi. Contrary to what I had been told, he spent long hours playing with her. He soon walked with his ears and tail held high. However, Sting’s greatest love is his ball. He will chase and fetch the ball, I think, forever, until I am too tired to continue the game. So, we took the ball with us everywhere. We went to the Dog Parks about twice a week, as it was an easy way for me to exercise my three dogs, Sting, Bindi, and a small Shih Tzu mix, named Irwin, as a group.

Although Sting ignored the other dogs, he didn’t seem bothered by them when they approached. I soon discovered that Sting was a “delicate” dog! The first problem was bloody paws and nail problems which the vet thought might be Lupus. We cured that – and then a broken hip – we cured that and then Tendonitis in his shoulder. The vet recommended that he not play ball so much and limited his exercise until his shoulder was healed.

So, off we went to the Dog Park without a ball. Boy, was that a mistake. A dog approached Sting head to head, and Sting reacted immediately – there would have been a fight, but I immediately pulled him away. Then, a trip to a different Dog Park with trails. Everything was fine, until a dog again approached Sting head to head – this time Sting reacted more strongly and it was difficult for me to pull him away – I had to leash him and leave the park quickly. Then, it happened the third time. I didn’t know what was happening – was Sting suddenly becoming dog aggressive? I didn’t know this could happen. Luckily for all of us, I had heard of Hector Hernandez and his work.

A quick call, and Hector soon arrived at my door leaving two of his dogs in his car. He quickly learned the facts surrounding Sting, his background, and his upbringing and told me that Sting was not dog socialized. This was a big surprise to me as I had been taking him to the Dog Parks without incident in the past. Hector brought in one of his female dogs and Sting immediately went for her fiercely. Wow! I couldn’t believe it. Hector explained that Sting needed to be put back in his original training collar and have daily training sessions. I had neglected this as Sting seemed so well trained. With his collar in place, Hector brought in his large male dog – Sting remained seated quietly! I could hardly believe it.

When Hector left, he gave me one of his books, “How to Train Your Dog Before Your Dog Trains You.” A small book – but oh so big in information. I have many dog training books, but this one is definitely the best. I learned that some dogs need a “pacifier” to help them discharge tension and keep their mouths busy! That made a lot of sense – when the trouble with the other dogs started, I hadn’t brought Sting’s ball – without this tension reliever – it was now clear to me (as Hector had told me) that Sting was not properly dog socialized and did not know how to deal with an aggressive dog that approached him head to head.

Hector has a way of hearing the info about the dog and seeing the dog, and immediately tuning in on the dog’s temperament. I plan to continue training with Hector to help Sting become the confident dog I believe he can be. Meanwhile, Sting and I will continue his training and bring his ball with him to the dog park. I was really in despair when String showed dog aggression and I will be forever grateful for Hector Hernandez and his wisdom. Thank you, Hector!”
A picture of Justin, K9 Miley and I. Thank you again for all of your help teaching us the tools we needed to do obedience training with our dog! Your knowledge has impacted our everyday life – thank you!


“I just wanted to send you a note to tell you that Juno’s training is going so well. We’ve been going for walks every night without the leash. I’ve received multiple compliments on his training in the last few weeks and I’ve been telling everyone to check out your website. Last night we were on a walk and we saw another dog. I made him sit and stay while the other dog passed us and he behaved perfectly. The other owner stopped to compliment him on his behavior so we started talking about the training class. I let Juno greet the other dog and Juno was so calm and polite. When I called Juno back to me he came without hesitating. That never would have happened 3 weeks ago. I know we still have work to do but he’s come so far. Thank you so much!


“What a difference it’s made in Truman (the somewhat unruly, overconfident golden)!  Just adjusting the collar was huge, but he has totally gotten in gear with everything else as well.  We really learned a lot (there was a lot of “owner error” going on).  Last night, we were on one of our long walks and in a fairly open area without tons of distraction so I tested out the “come” command.  He barely hesitated, picked up his leash and brought it to me.

I also want to express how impressed I was with how you worked so well with some of the more difficult ones in class and how much progress we saw in those dogs (& owners) in just that short time.  I would never have thought it was possible in just two sessions, particularly with the German Shepherd.  You are the only trainer I would bring one of my dogs or puppies to for training.  Thank you again and we may see you at one of the off leash sessions later.”

Heidi Krause

“Jamie and i are very happy after our work together.  Thanks.

If you ever have those days when you wonder if what you’re doing makes a difference in the world…  it does.

February, 2010″

“Hector, It was very enjoyable meeting and working with you today.  Your rapport with Shadow was remarkable.  We have NEVER seen Shadow respond in such a positive manner with someone upon meeting them for the first time. Following your directions and expertise made working with Shadow a breeze. We all will be looking forward to seeing you in the near future. So many people who have stopped by our house in the past week have been so impressed by the change in Shadow’s behavior! Sincerely, Lamont and Linda Gyles”

November 30, 2009
Dear Hector,
I can’t believe what a difference we have seen in Buddy, our 8 month old Golden Retriever/Lab Mix puppy, after just one session with you at our home!!! I know it’s only been three days since you were here, but I am so impressed I couldn’t wait any longer to write you to tell you thank you!

“Prior to your session with us, Buddy was a “high-energy jumping, running, chewing terror” that was constantly tearing things up. He would run off and would not listen to us when we tried to call him and we were afraid he would get hit by a car or lost. I was seriously wondering how much longer we could handle him because he was starting to get aggressive with the kids and biting at us when we tried to control him.

What a difference a professional dog trainer’s help makes!

Buddy is so much calmer and well behaved. It is remarkable! We have taken him on walks every day this weekend and he has even started to run with me now without pulling my arm off. He feels much more comfortable in his role and he loves his ‘work’ – he is not the spaz – A.D.D. dog he was before you came! He is very comfortable following us and looks for guidance even and not trying to be the leader all the time. Any of the kids, Jacob (age 9), Maddy (age 9), or Morgan (age 14) are now able to walk him and Jacob was even running laps with him around the yard. They are enjoying him now and feel much more in control of him as opposed to before you came to help us. Jacob used to get dragged around the yard, but on Saturday they were actually running very smoothly without Buddy pulling him.

He really knows the commands you taught him and us well. He is responding to “Sit, Down, Heel, Off and Come” very well, for such a short period of time to be working with him. I know it’s not just the dog that needed training but our family needed training on how to handle him as well.

I also want to commend you for your professional demeanor while you were working with the kids, Scott and I. It was very easy to learn from you because you explained everything as you went along and the reasoning behind things which made it much easier for all of us to understand.

I can’t say “Thank you” enough for the wonderful gift you have given us. Our puppy is now a member of our family and fits into our lives instead of running it, or even worse ruining it! Buddy can truly be the ‘buddy’ we hoped he would be when we got him for Maddy and Jacob for their birthday this year.

I would highly recommend your dog training services to anyone who wants a respectful, obedient dog! Hector’s results with Buddy have been amazing!
Thanks again,
Scott, Kristina, Maddy, Morgan and Jacob Terry
& Buddy”

“Hi Hector:

I thought you might like to know that Coop is doing very well. He goes down now without me even saying anything and his barking at my school and my office has all but disappeared. I usually have to give him a “reminder” the first time someone walks in, as he starts to slip back to his previous behavior, but after that he does not make a sound. Yesterday when I was doing some work at the high school he was off leash and laying on the floor. People were coming in and out of my room and he never moved. I think they thought I had drugged him or something! LOL Everyone who knows Cooper has noticed the change!

Things here at the house are still challenging when someone comes to the door, but we are working on those skills and he is improving. I have found that when things do not go as well as I had hoped it is usually because I was not prepared or I get a bit flustered. He will stay down, once I get him there, and that is a big jump in skill. He has not tried to rush out the door at anyone. He just has such tunnel vision when someone knocks or rings the doorbell and getting him to come is hard. We will keep working on this!!

I really want to thank you again for all you taught both Cooper and me. I can now be working and not tense up every time someone comes in. This alone changes the whole atmosphere in either of my offices. The fact that I am more relaxed, I think helps Coop relax too. You might think this sounds crazy, but now he has a look on his face like, “OK, now I know what to do!” I am sure that without your intervention it would only have been a matter of time before he would have nipped someone and that could have been a MAJOR issue. He really is a wonderful little guy and with your help he can now prove
that to everyone!

Thanks again!

Ann and the New and Improved Cooper!!
PS – Your book is great also!”

“I don’t know if you remember me right off the top of your head, but wanted to say keep up the good work! I had the Shepherd puppy
that you called “Mini Me”. I have a funny little story I hope you get a kick out of… Sunday, 4 hours out of our final class I left the gate to our back yard open and Jada got out. I usually go out with her so it didn’t take me long to notice that she walked right out the gate. I called to her and she kept right on her way, I said “No, Come!” just as we did in class, sure enough she responded and came right back to me. Before taking your class, I would’ve ran after her yelling come and probably chased her around the neighborhood. Not only did your class benefit her, but I learned how to handle my dog as well. She continues to make progress, she’s a joy to walk and I look forward to teaching my children how to handle her so they can walk her as well. I’ll refer as many as I can, and when the time comes for more training you will be the first person I think of. Thank you again for the training you provide for both dogs and owners! Talk to you later.”

Hello Hector,I have always enjoyed reading dog training books and trying to apply their techniques to my own situation and dog(s) at the time. But your books truly stand out in their completeness and organization. Every time I pick one up for reference I am newly impressed with how well-written they are and with your sensitivity to a wide variety of issues and dog temperaments. Reading them makes me happy to know you and confident in developing my own skills with my dog. Thanks, Hector!Catherine Kaikowska 6/09″

Hi Hector,

I just wanted to tell you something that happened over the weekend.
Matt and I took the dogs to the Hawk Island dog park on Friday. It was flooded after all the rain we had over the week, but it was still fun for the dogs. Towards the back, there was this small green barricade that we thought was supposed to keep people from going towards the back, but in no way shape or form would that keep the dogs from going back there. In fact, Eva followed 3 other huskies to the back of the park. She was taking a really long time to come back, so I decided to walk through the water and go get her. I wasn’t worried since that park is supposed to be completely fenced in. However, they had a part of the gate open
because they were pumping water out of the park, and the workers in the back told me that Eva and the other 3 huskies took off outside the park. I immediately let Matt know and also notified the owners of the other huskies. The workers told me where they went so I took off looking for Eva. As I go around a bend in the back road, Eva comes trotting back because she heard me calling her. The other 3 huskies are still missing. I just wanted to say thank you for everything you’ve done for our dogs. I truly believe that it was the training
that we’ve given Eva that made her come back, because she could have easily taken off with the other 3 dogs.

Thank you again.
Patricia 5/09

“Hi Hector!

I thought you might like to hear that Teddy’s doing GREAT lately!  We were just remembering the other day how difficult Teddy used to be on our walks.  It seems like so long ago!  Now, he’s wonderful on walks, he’s getting better and better off leash, and he’s learning new tricks to show off for our family. 🙂  We took him up to my aunt and uncle’s lake house in Grayling a few times this summer, and we had a hard time keeping him out of the water!  Every time he snuck out behind someone, he headed straight for the lake.  He even, surprisingly, likes to kayak!”

He’s impressing people everywhere we go, and we’re dropping your name as often as possible. 🙂

Hope everything is going well with you!

Becky Thelen”


“I can’t thank you enough for all of your help with my Great Pyrenees, Ben.  I could not believe that after your first class, that I had Ben following commands.  The most incredible accomplishment is that Ben follows the down command!  We were very excited to pass your class and your class gave me the confidence to continue working with Ben and to work with our rescue dog, Macy.

Macy, a one year old Pyr, came to us as a rescue.   Macy was very sick and very under weight.  The only thing that was known about her background was that she didn’t get along with her Mom.  Things were ok at first, then she started guarding her food, toys and me!  She would go after Ben quite viciously when he would come by anything that Macy was protecting.   Once again, I called for your help, and with your extra suggestions, and with the training that I learned in your class,  I am so happy to tell you that Macy is no longer having the guarding and attacking issues and she is a wonderful, loving dog!  With your help, we were able to save a dog that most likely would not have been able to stay with us or would have been very hard placing her in another home.  And to even make thing better,  my daughter moved back home with her Siberian Husky and cat and they all get along wonderfully!!  Thanks to you, we are one big happy family!”