Temperament Testing


These tests, developed by Hector, have proven to be accurate in bringing out an aggression reaction or foreseeing the potential for aggression to occur.  Hector provokes the dog to recreate a reaction in order to better understand your dog and know why the incident occurred or may occur.

There is no long-term affect from this test. The test will be conducted in your presence, while Hector explains each reaction and test in detail. Most stress reactions and uncomfortable provoking is usually conducted at the groomers or your visit at the veterinarian office, however this is done in a control setting and with full explanation.

The most important reason to stress temperament test is to prevent an incident from occurring. A stress temperament test evaluates the dog’s behaviors and instincts allowing for a better understanding of how the dog will react under stress or during any other given situation.

A consultation involves no obedience training but rather an evaluation of the dog, followed by a verbal discussion. This discussion could be about any topic and has no time limit. Accurate feedback is imperative and Hector is to the point and tactful.

What is tested and evaluated? • Dog’s appearance and personality • Reaction to a challenge, invasion of personal space and distractions • Disposition: neutral, fearful or aggressive • How it handles pain: neutral, aggressive, play or submissive (pain is inflicted without anger and by pressing or grasping certain parts of the body) • Obedience or controllable

You may want a stress temperament test to determine: • The right fit for your family • If the dog may need to be euthanized (put to sleep) per veterinarian or another trainer’s referral, aggression issues or dog bite • To evaluate how the dog handles stress • To understand why the dog did what it did • To fulfill requirements to visit nursing homes, adult living centers or schools

Testing outcome:

  • Education about incident
  • Training your dog
  • Divorcing your dog
  • Not choosing dog
  • Euthanasia (putting your dog to sleep)

Determine if the problem is

  • Genetic
  • Environmental
  • Training

Temperament Testing and Consultation Fee $200

Therapy Dog Testing Fee $25.00

includes certification and ID card. Does not include Obedience if needed


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