One on one at Facility

 If you need one-on-one training, please see the below dates to schedule an appointment. Select a date and contact Hector, the one on one is done at his facility. If you have any further question please use the contact tap and leave a message.

You will learn what would be taught in the large classes without the distraction of other dogs and/or people. However, if your dog needs distraction that will be provided. On the average one session is required to teach basic obedience or off leash.

One on One training is also a good choice for your dog to get ready for group classes.

Weekday Price $200

Weekend Price $250

A $50 Deposit is mandatory

To be added to a time and day session, please go to the contact page and write the day and time on the subject line. I will then add you to the spot to confirm


You may need one on one training if you:
  • Only need help with a couple of things, heeling, jumping, barking, aggression, come command
  • Need quick results
  • Legal problems (neighbor complaint) getting sued
  • Problem solving
  • Have scheduling conflicts
  • Prefer the one-on-one attention you get with private lessons
  • Learn better with one-on-one attention from Hector Hernandez
  • Have a dog that is aggressive with other dogs or people or otherwise can’t participate in a group class
  • Want to train in a controlled environment
  • Sharpen your obedience skills
  • Off leash training
  • Temperament Test


Training Location Court1one Training Center: 7868 Old M-78 or E. Saginaw, Bath (East Lansing) Mi 48823

September 24th Sunday

9am Miller K9 Nubis

1030am Nicole & two goldens

12noon Varges & three K9’s

130pm Zeiss & K9 Raven

September 25th Monday

3pm Kiel & K9 Chase

430pm Kaminski & K9

6pm Essenburg K9 Piper

September 28th Thursday

430pm Dewey & K9 Addie

6pm Bowers & K9 Kipp

September 29th Friday

9am Vasylyeva & K9 Dexter

1030am Davis & K9 Reina

12noon McKinney & two dogs

October 12th Thursday

3pm Loehr & K9 Kashmir

430pm Forro & K9 Bella

6pm Romel & K9 Raul

October 19th Thursday



October 20th Friday




October 29th Sunday

9am Laughman & K9 Bentley



130pm presentation for family

October 30th Monday







FEE: $200

NEW! you will be allowed to attend the refresher day up to one year at no cost.  See “refresher day”  tap for more details.