Off-Leash Obedience

Naked dog training /Off-Leash Training

“Make your voice the invisible leash”

Currently no classes are scheduled- You can ask for off leash training during a one on one private training session

Naked dog training is a term used to identify that a dog is free of all equipment (collars and leash).

The goal of off-leash obedience is to have a dog that is obedient and under its handler’s control.  The objective is to train the handler how to use his / her voice, timing, and body language to communicate to the dog what is expected of it.  Because the dog is still a dog, it shouldn’t be trusted 100% even after off leash is mastered.  Your dog may be under control but another dog may not. This class is not a competitive class and should be taken only to increase your control and bond with your dog.  You will be amazed how fast you and your dog will learn this concept developed  by Hector L. Hernandez.

You will learn more advanced techniques that require body language, timing and voice tone to control your dog. Our goal will be to train independently without a leash.