K9 Malo Max

Introducing K9 Malo Max

Educational Dog Bite Prevention Service Dog

Hector’s dog K9 Malo Max is a domestic male Dutch Shepherd. He is trained on and off leash, knows over 30 tricks, controlled aggression, tracking and indicates on selective odors. He also provides educational assistance during dog bite prevention safety talks and during sessions to help people who are unfamiliar, ill-informed or have an abnormal fear of dogs.

Malo MaxUsing K9 Malo Max as part of a live dog bite prevention presentation allows the audience or individual to experience the reality and urgency of a potentially dangerous or outright dangerous dog bite encounter. Physically demonstrating how to handle a dog bite encounter is something that books and videos just can’t deliver. Training is vital to stay safe in the workplace and everyday life. This live training presentation is available and useful to just about anyone, including individuals, counseling sessions (whether individual or group), as well as public, federal, and private companies or businesses.

K9 Malo Max assists in educating anyone that may be unfamiliar or ill-informed with dogs, or anyone that has developed an fear of dogs. K9 Malo Max’s educational assistance with people provides a positive psychological effect by way of demonstrating a trained, sound canine behaving in a controlled, aggressive manner and then, upon command, instantly changing his behavior to be calm and friendly. Demonstrating with and having total control over a live dog gives the person a sense of security with a safe environment. Along with K9 Malo Max’s visual demonstration and calm demeanor, the person is able to gain knowledge with the proper techniques to stay safe should a dangerous situation occur, and therefore is able to overcome feeling fearful and threatened.
Witnessing a live presentation, and or when ready, participating with a live dog and teacher means they will have a better chance to successfully work through their fear, and even ultimately controlling their reaction.