Basic Obedience


“If you treat your dog like a human, it will treat you like a dog”

Training all dogs and owners, including those that have failed other classes or are considered un-trainable.

Owners can bring the same dog back to a review re-training day class up to one year at no cost, after a year there’s a $25

My goal is to provide high quality training in order to enhance the relationship between the owner and K-9 and possibly saving the dog’s life by controlling its instincts.

I am dedicated to dog training, gaining obedience of all breeds and K-9 servant leadership relationships through mentoring and coaching the K-9 and the owner using a variety of training methods.

My mission is to help the average owner and K-9 learn from each other what a dog to human relationship is supposed to be, when a problem arise.

My VETERINARIAN-APPROVED TRAINING METHOD will show you how intelligent your dog can be in just one session in most cases without food, toys or forceful methods. You will learn your dog’s body language, how to handle your dog’s willpower, and how to control yours. You will learn how to interact with your dog at home and when you’re out together. Your dog will become predictable and able to control its impulses.

Through proper obedience, you establish a relationship that has boundaries, self control, understanding, and valid expectations. Your dog will become predictable because you will bring confidence, respect, and trust into the relationship.

This is not a Negative Reinforcement or Forceful Method class.  This is a train your dog class gaining obedience, if that means being firm then that’s what will happen, if it means praising your dog, then that’s what we will do. Not every dog is trained the same way so no one method can be taught in one class, unless the trainer only selects dogs that fit to his / her method. I don’t, I train them all.   The instructor has leashes and training collars for sale at a discounted price.

  Mr. Hernandez wants them at their worst, thus allowing him to teach them how to control not only their body, but also their mind.  While a tired dog is a happy dog, the more you exercise the dog the better shape it gets in, which means it will need more and more exercise to get tired.  It is the correct combination of exercise and proper obedience, which makes the ultimate pet.  Getting the dog tired before training only makes it easy on the trainer and the owner.  For maximum results, the dog should be trained to control its excitement and energy along with its mind.

 Many clients from First Class Dog Training have already attended between one and three other classes with minimal results. Most have tried the treat or positive reinforcement methods. Dog learning tricks and look trained instead of obedient, disobeying without a treat or mistaking the owners kindness for weakness. Don’t undermined your dogs intelligence by using the method that makes you feel good but rather what method your dog will learn from. First Class Dog Training finally meets their expectations.  Clients realize if only they had gone there first they would not have wasted time and money.  Trainer Hector Hernandez tailors his methods to each dog and person’s relationship.  He does not turn away any dog, not even dangerous ones.  He takes the dogs that other trainers turn away and/or give up on.

This class focuses on the dog and human’s servant leadership relationship combined with respect.  This training method created by Hector will show you how intelligent your dog can be in just one session without food, verbal commands or toys.  You will learn how to interact with your dog at home and when you’re out together.  Your dog will become predictable and able to control its impulses because you bring confidence, respect and trust into the relationship. Minimum age for puppies/dogs is 5 months.

You will also learn how to give proper corrections by holding the dog accountable, and training through trial and error, which is how dogs learn on their own. Refusal of a reward (treat) is not how dogs learn. You’ll learn the proper time to praise your dog, and not to give praise just because you feel good.  You will also find out how to read your dog’s body language to anticipate behaviors. Leash control, voice control to control your feelings, hand signals, and proper timing to avoid confusion are all examples of what you will learn in this basic obedience class.

Remember that everything the dog knows is instinct, except obedience. Through proper obedience training, the dog learns how to : SERVE YOU AS ITS LEADER AND IN RETURN YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO SERVE THE DOG AS THE LEADER. The wrong method will either destroy your respect or place your dog in the trainer position.

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August 2nd and 3rd Wednesday / Thursday 6:30pm to 8:30pm

September 9th and 10th Saturday / Sunday 9am-11am and 12noon-2pm

Minimum age 5 months 

Your Dog Will Learn

First Day to: Without verbal commands Heel, Sit and Stay

Second Day: With verbal and non-verbal commands
Down, Distraction & Training Come Command

Third Day:  Distractions, Come Command and Food Refusal / Plus confidence course

Fourth Day: Distractions and Come command off lead / Plus confidence course

A new class may open if class becomes full. See home page for new classes and dates

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Collars will be available if needed at discount prices.