Board and Train

Board and Train with Hector 

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Why: Let Hector Hernandez be your dog’s problem solver and dog trainer. The added stress of having to train your dog and deal with your dog’s behavior could be all Hector’s.

What:  He will train your dog in basic obedience, which includes the following commands: heel, sit, stay, down, off leash come and distraction training. In most cases off leash training is done.

Where: Hector Hernandez First Class Dog Training’s Home

 How Long: We will will arrange a meet or at his facility in Bath, Michigan which ever is easier. Training will be done over a 7 day period (this does not include the pickup and return days).

*You will be notified if it is determined that your dog needs more time with Hector Hernandez at  no additional charge.

Review and Return: When the dog is returned, Hector Hernandez will review how he trained your dog and explain to you how to follow up on your dog’s training.  All you have to do is listen and apply the training.

Cost:  Price varies from $1000 and up –  includes training and boarding. Deposit of $500 is mandatory, with the balance with training is completed.

Boarding: After 7 days of training will be billed at $50 a day if training is complete. Dogs are not kenneled, they will be treated like Hector’s own dogs.

Housekeeping: Vaccines: Dogs must be current on shots including rabies, distemper combination, and bordetella.

Mileage fee: If you live within a 30 mile radius of Flint, the pickup and return of your dog is included in the cost of training.  Any distance greater than 30 miles will be charged at the going rate for mileage.  Or, you can arrange to drop off and pick up your dog yourself at the training class.



My Story About Sparty

Before we purchased our dog Sparty, we were the proud owners of a 2 year old Saint Bernard named Cookie.  We loved Cookie very much but it was becoming apparent that she was too big for our home and our neighborhood so we decided to find her a home with more land and freedom.  After Cookie was gone we soon realized how much we missed having a dog in our lives and we began looking at smaller breeds. I happened to stop in to a pet store and saw the sweetest most precious puppy imaginable.  I am not an impulsive person by any means but I called my husband and told him we HAD to have this dog.  He said, “oh kay, if you REALLY want him, go ahead and buy him.”  I hadn’t done any research on this unusual breed called an Ori Pei, which is a cross between a Pug and a Shar Pei, which was not the smartest thing I have ever done. Initially Sparty was very sweet and calm, but he was also sick from an illness he contracted at the pet store so that would explain his easy disposition.  After a round of antibiotics, his true personality began to emerge.  Immediately Sparty showed himself to be extremely aggressive and very hyper.  He would consistently bite, and bite very, very hard.  It was difficult for our children to play with him. He acted terrible if company came over i.e. jumping and chewing on people.  No amount of discipline seemed to work.  The older he got, the worse the behavior became.  He is so strong, even though he isn’t very big. (30 lbs.)  It was nearly impossible to walk him due to his tugging and pulling.  He would not listen to anyone in our family even though it was apparent he understood and was very intelligent.  I was beginning to second guess my decision to buy him and really didn’t want to have to get rid of another dog.  I knew I needed to get him training, but with his extreme behavior I wanted to make sure it worked. I didn’t think simple obedience classes would be enough.

I had heard of Hector Hernandez from others who had had success and decided to give him call.  He came to my home that very night.  Within just a few minutes Hector had Sparty listening to him.  He spent time teaching me the proper way to walk him and showed me what to do when the pulling began. Immediately Hector showed me how to correct Sparty.  Hector taught me how to handle him when company came over and taught me how to gain Sparty’s respect.  He taught me methods to use with Sparty on a leash and explained why using a leash in the house was important.  I couldn’t believe how much better Sparty was after just one visit.  I thought if he could do so much in one hour, imagine what he could do in several days!

I asked that Hector take Sparty for a long week-end because I really wanted to make sure he was learning and wanted his behavior to change.  Hector agreed that Sparty was very challenging and genuinely wanted to make him a better dog.  He really seemed to care, which was so important to me.  Hector kept Sparty longer than we agreed because he wanted to be sure he was doing all of things I wanted from him.  When Hector brought him back home, he spent time working with me and our children in the backyard.  Sparty was trained to be off the leash.  He came when Hector called.  He would sit, stay, come, and heel without any problems.  I couldn’t believe the changes in Sparty after such a short time.

I continued to practice everything that Hector taught us. Sparty was still difficult from time to time.  I called Hector often for questions and concerns I had.  He was always willing to take my calls and without hesitation had solutions to my questions or issues with Sparty.  Hector said Sparty had ALL Shar Pei traits.  He is stubborn and highly intelligent which often can give owners the most trouble if an owner is not equipped to handle the behavior.  Hector followed up with more training sessions whenever I needed or requested them.

Sparty is now ten months old and all I can say is WOW!!!!  What a changed dog he is.  He is so enjoyable to be around.  My kids love him and I’m not worried when their friends come over.  Sparty plays so nicely with them and doesn’t bite or play aggressively.  In fact, Sparty is very loving and affectionate.  I just took him to my dad’s house for a week-end.  The last time Sparty was there he had to stay in his crate and I was pulled all over the yard when trying to take him outside.  This visit, things were totally different.  Sparty played in the yard without a leash.  Without exception, he came each and every time I called him without any hesitation.  I was so proud I wanted to cry.  Sparty is now a very happy and well adjusted dog.

Hector Hernandez is the most knowledgeable dog trainer I have ever come in contact with.  I don’t know where Sparty would be right now without his help.  His professionalism, humor, compassion, and charisma made this entire experience so worthwhile and most of all really really fun!  I truly believe Hector is a dog whisperer.  Not only that, he is great with people too!

Kollette Bordeaux