About Canine Man


Who is Hector Hernandez? As a veteran, an immigrant, an entrepreneur, a former law enforcement officer, a professional dog trainer, and now a public speaker, the answer would be- the American Dream embodied. Through books, classes, public speaking, support of other businesses and of course, training, Mr. Hernandez continues to influence public policy and improve this world by empowering people, disrupting organizational structures and providing expertise on interpersonal-relations issues. As a dog trainer, Mr. Hernandez seeks to work with both dog and owner by providing constructive insight, experience, and expertise and never turning a case away no matter the difficulty of the situation.

Hector regularly conducts obedience classes for dog owners and their dogs and also gives private lessons. He notes, with customary humor, “The dogs are easy; the owners are harder.” Memorable and effective, his classes and individual training sessions leave both owner and dog with a long-lasting relationship of respectful obedience and mutual affection. He solves problems with dogs and their owners in a way which leaves you in awe of his ability to know how much to do, attempting to correct bad behavior and when to back off and “let the dog teach itself.” He understands that there are bad dogs/good owners and good dogs/bad owners, although most cases are at neither extreme. Both owners and dogs “just need to learn the concept,” he will say at the beginning of a series of lessons.

He will not refuse any dog or owner, no matter how bad the relationship has become. Nor does he shy away from telling an owner the truth about the dog’s (and owner’s) problems. Sometimes these problems can’t be solved; more often, with patience, they can.

His training demonstrations for various groups of professionals and business people teach them how to prepare for dog encounters. In these sessions, he teaches a wide range of people from parents to fire fighters to animal shelter personnel how to protect themselves in dangerous situations with dogs. He demonstrates how “reading the dog’s body language” can tell you the difference between a harmless encounter and a potentially dangerous one, and what to do about each situation. His speaking technique will make you laugh, while also making you think seriously about dog behavior and how to stay safe in all kinds of dog encounters.

  • City of Lansing PROCLAMATION award September 4, 1987 for Police K9 Training
  • Certified Michigan State University Police K9 Instructor August 30, 1991 -2000
  • Certified Lansing Police Department K9 Instructor December 1, 1995-2010
  • Author of four books:
    – Naked Dog Obedience
    – Preparing Yourself for Dog Encounters
    – How to Train Your Dog Before Your Dog Trains You
  • – A Dog’s Bark
  • Producer: Preparing Yourself for Dog Encounters DVD’s
  • Michigan Commission On Law Enforcement Accredited.
  • Veterinarian-Approved
  • American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
  • Paid Consultant and Speaker for various city, county and state police agencies
  • Lansing State Journal Local Hero November 8th, 2000.
  • United States Postal Letter Carriers Paid Speaker / Award Winner
  • Consumers Energy Paid Speaker
  • Board of Water and Light Paid Speaker
  • United States Marine Corps Reserve 1986 to 1994 Honorable Discharge
    – Desert Storm Veteran
  • N.A.C.S.W  Nose work Judge 2013

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